Cosplay at Events

At Doxacon Seattle, we welcome our participants’ creativity and enthusiasm by inviting all to engage in cosplay. Our cosplay policy is simple: If you feel comfortable wearing your cosplay in front of your priest or pastor and the children of your parish, it should be fine and we’d love to see it.

In practical terms, we ask that your cosplay not be revealing, and that all cosplay demonstrates engagement in community by being mindful of and sensitive to others. If you’re debating with yourself whether parts of your cosplay might be questionable, maybe add a few accessories or make a new winter-themed version!

Presentation Proposals

We’d like to see about 250 words on your topic as a PDF or Word document, including what particular speculative fiction works and areas of Christian experience it pertains to. Attach it to an email and send it off to us at

Individuals interested in team-presenting should submit a single, joint proposal. All presentations and panels should include a list of known or anticipated multimedia elements and required equipment. Please make sure that your overview document does NOT include your name(s).

Please include a brief biography of all panel participants with each submission as a separate document.


The submission deadline is December 1, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PST. All submissions will be reviewed by our submissions board and our Clergy Consultants, and finalists will be contacted for confirmation/acceptance.


Doxacon Seattle welcomes presenters from all backgrounds. You must be able to travel to Seattle for the conference and willing to present during the conference. Doxacon is produced BY Christian geeks FOR Christian geeks, and we welcome anyone with an interest in Christian theology and traditions and geek popular culture to join us and to submit a presentation proposal.


Doxacon Seattle is seeking submissions for presentations and panel-led discussions exploring the intersection of Christian faith and science fiction/fantasy media. We welcome submissions on a spectrum from academic analysis to more casual perspectives on faith and fandom, however we are especially looking for topics related to our theme. 2021’s theme is “Prophesy and Predictions”.

Ideal presentations will:

  • Examine an aspect of speculative fiction and its accompanying geek subculture
  • Explore the topic as it relates to Christianity, particularly Orthodox Christian faith, theology, and traditions
  • Adhere to common-sense standards for all-ages content
  • Maintain a respectful tone when discussing opposing viewpoints

Example topics:

  • The Cross and the Con: How to approach a convention as a Christian
  • The Redemption Quest trope and its significance in Christian life
  • A foot in each world: participating in geek culture as a person of faith
  • The fifth element is Love: the experience of God’s grace and Jung’s transcendent function

Individual presentations should leave time for questions and answers from conference participants. We suggest a presentation of approximately 40-45 minutes, with the remaining time (15-20 minutes) left for discussion. Presentations requiring more participation from conference attendees can be adjusted accordingly.

Panels should have members of the panel listed, as well as some pre-made topics for the panel to discuss. This should be in the form of question/topic by moderator or leader, then responses from all panel members (or all who wish to comment). Those should also end at around 40-45 minutes to give members of the audience some time to ask questions or comment on topics previously mentioned.

Multimedia Exposure

Please note that we will be recording presentation sessions, either to be broadcast on Ancient Faith Radio, or to be distributed in another way. If you choose not to have your presentation broadcast or distributed, please let the conference organizers know as soon as possible.